Frequently Asked Questions

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How do we diagnose Covid19?

KKM have approved few methods

  1. Gold standard method RT-PCR as recommended by WHO & IMR KKM.
  2. RTK Antigen Test (Nasal Swab)
  3. RTK Antigen Test (Saliva)

How do we apply for financial assistance?

  1. Download the app "MyIou" and start using it under Healthcare with Sihat Malaysia Holdings Berhad (SMHB).
  2. You can choose various types of services you may need during this pandemic.
  3. Apply online through "MyIou" app platform
  4. Successful applicant would be directed to SMHB for an appointment scheduling system to get the services with us.
  5. The flow chart how is the process done will be given in the tutorial section of MyIou and SMHB.

How long does it take to get my Covid19 test results?

  1. For the RTK-Ag & RTK Saliva test – usually within 15mins (verbal result) anyhow the clinic may need up to 12 hours to give you an official SIMKA result
  2. For the RT-PCR test results is within 24 to 48 hours or less

I want to ask more questions?

For further questions, please call 03-83209919 or email

Who will be conducting the swab test?

All screenings will be conducted by doctors who have completed training by MOH, competent and certified swabbers.

How will the on-site Covid-19 test be conducted?

On the scheduled date, we will send a fully competent medical team with the necessary test kits and equipment to collect samples from all clients.

Do you do on-site testing?

Yes, we do. For more information click on packages to visit the packages pricing.