More Know About SMHB

Sihat Malaysia Holdings Berhad

Sihat Malaysia Holdings Berhad ( SMHB ) was incorporated in July 2020 with it’s headquarters located in Cyberjaya, Selangor.

Our core business have been within Healthcare Industry and primarily focused on early diagnosis of life threatening diseases either non-communicable diseases like heart attack, stroke and cancers or vector-borne communicable diseases like dengue, influenza and lately focused on Covid19 since its pandemic started in March 2020.

About Our Chairman


SSAP, DIMP, KSD, AMN, PJB, PSB (St. John), PBP (JPAM) MBBS, FRCS (Edin),FAMM(Mal), FAMS (Singapore)

Prof. Dato’ Sri Dr. Abu Hassan Asaari bin Abdullah experience as a medical practitioner, academician and administrator is one who believes that there has to be fairness and good practices embarked on to help ensure that the healthcare in this country benefits the nation and its Rakyat. He always ensure that he serves the medical profession to his upmost best and that the rights of every medical practitioner in this country is upheld.

Our strength and achievements

Our Goals


Diagnose first, pay later at your convenience


We provide financial assistance to needy patients on early diagnosis of certain life-threatening diseases through financial institutions and pay later through an installment scheme.

We offer an instant credit limit of RM 1,000/= (approval within 5 minutes) & RM 10,000/= (approval within 48 hours) for medical & dental related diagnosis, emergency care and procedures at our panel clinics and hospitals.

During this pandemic, we offer financial assistance primarily for Covid19 PCR, RTK Antigen screening, RTK Antigen Saliva test kit, Covid19 (NAbs) Neutralizing Antibody test at our panel clinics and all the above mentioned services are also available at your door steps as house calls (Klang Valley only).

Nevertheless, we also do offer financial assistance for an emergency medical care at our panel hospital, dengue screening package at our panel clinics, full body blood test profile and comprehensive heart screening package with cardiologist visit and CT Angiogram for an early detection of blockages in main arteries of heart vessels.

Our Objectives

Diagnose & Treat First, Pay Later

  • Interest Free – 6 months instalment payment would be arranged with an upfront 30% of sum from an initial purchased amount.

Healthcare, Medical & Dental services

  • (Hospitals / Clinics / Dentists, Pharmacies /Rehab / Medical Lab / House Call Treatment / Tele-consultation / Mobile OT / Mobile CT Scan, Mammogram, X-Ray & Medical Device Supplies)

Early diagnosis of morbid diseases

  • Communicable – Covid19 / Dengue / Influenza A&B / Adenovirus & Etc
  • Non-communicable diseases – Heart attack/ Stroke / Cancer & Kidney Failure)

CSR to help B40 group in medical field.

  • Financial assistance through 6 months interest free installment payment scheme

CSR to help B40 group in medical field.

  • Nationwide (panel clinics through TPA)

Collaboration with chain of panel hospitals 250 hospitals

  • Nationwide (panel clinics through TPA)